Sunday, October 23, 2016

10/20-21 - inshore bite 100% better....

100% better than say last month.
Water has cooled and we're on "track".

10/20 - had two guys aboard, and although nothing was jumbo, we had Mangrove Snappers, Speckled Trout, Pup Redfish, Sheepshead, Jacks, Ladyfish, and more.

"Jig-N-Shrimp combo meals" were the ticket on some structure I have fished in years along the Navy base. Seems like they have backed off of harassing the citizens that pay their bills. I heard something thru the rumor mill that there's a new base commander and he's not so hot on pointing guns at civilian anglers.

10/21 I had two more guys. Which had the patience to fish the Bull Redfish. Although it was big time "bait-n-wait" fishing, we got a few before the current got to bad. And I tried to make it more fun (as I will from here on out) using my "MICRO" jigging reels. The Maxel Hybrid 20's. Which are light, powerful and very small.

After the Redfish, we picked up the jig-n-shrimp rods and hit the jetties. Zero was going on there. So "LIKE THE OLE DAYS", I dropped back along the Navy base on the same structure as the day before and popped a few nice Speckled Trout and Mangrove Snappers.

Water temps a consistent 73-75 degrees and is soooooo much better than the 83 we had just before Hurricane Matthew.  The river's still murky, especially at the inlet, with lots of East and Noreast winds every day. It's the transition time in full glory!

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