Friday, October 7, 2016

10/7 - still have power...moved my boat

0630 hrs. still have power

moved boat way inland to friends house, don't trust the tree damage my street could suffer. would rather have one less thing ''my boat'' to worry about.

thanks to all for the reach-out's.....about 70 mph is the strongest my neighborhood has bared in wind speeds since I have lived here.  we could see double that?

T-R-E-E-S, I  suspect will be the problem. taking down my already frail internet connection and electric power, and hope the roof of the house doesn't sustain a 5,000 pound tree or branch. although I need a new roof anyhow.  

next possible, do-able charter is thursday the 13th of October.  basically have lost the start of OCTOBER till the 13th, had re-schedules, cancellations. so I've made not a dime all month so far!!!!!!

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