Friday, October 7, 2016

10/7 - Unlucky me! Hurricane Matthew.

It was early. I was taking what I figure would be my last shower for a few days. Don't want to be a sweaty, smelly Hurricane victim.

I step out and am putting my shorts on and hear """B-O-O-M"""

tree in my back yard lands on my garage and the branches poke a hole thru my kitchen. Right above a no-used old light fixture.

Yes, it's now raining inside the kitchen.  Both the garage and the house have needed a new roof for 10 years. I can't afford one. So, ya just wait I guess.

Funny thing is, that's the same area where my dad and I worked like dogs in the November Heat, yes hot as hell last November. We pulled a old porch off and fixed the roof. Plus my dad worked so hard on this for me he suffered a god damn heart attack because he was like a 70++ year old machine!


This tree broke and fell and the storm was still 8 hours away.
I expect more. I really do.

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