Tuesday, December 13, 2016

12/12 - FULL MOON

Didn't even leave the dock till 9am, today.  Took in consideration that being the day before the full moon, and wanting to fish the last of the falling tide, that even 9am today was ""early"", seeing that dead low with slow current may not be till 2-3pm, with a noon low tide.

I was DEAD correct!

Started the morning with two bull Redfish in the mid 20 pound range....23, 24 pounds.
The bite was slow on the falling tide today compared to my last few trips for them.

Experimenting taking photo's which I hardly do ever, with my new GoPro Hero 5 camera(s)..
So, I wasn't being a shutter-bug by no means. I could have though.....

We stayed at the Jetty rocks all day basically and had way over 20 Speckled Trout, only one Sheepshead, several Bluefish, and assorted other "jetty dwellers". To include Whiting that went into the fish box.  Getting only 6-7 "keeper-size" Speckled Trout. The Trout just weren't running that large.

But it was enough for a healthy fish fry for my crew, with the Sheepshead and Whiting thrown in.

After the two Bull Reds in the morning, that went in the low 20's.....23-25 pounds I believe, we went and cast "Jetty jigs & Shrimp" the rest of the day. Working around that difficult full moon tide. But, it was nice to be out there on a Monday, with NO ONE around.

The morning sky was iffy looking with fog on the river. But by the afternoon it heated up and became too warm for my liking.

It's supposed to be COLD. Or may not "supposed to be". But at least that's the way I like it. 😉😉

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