Sunday, December 18, 2016

12/17 - It wasn't us!!

Left out early on Saturday morning with two guys and the only fish we could catch was along the,
""US Navy Fish Preservation Zone"" .   The tide was rising and we tried everything. Even sitting anchored along the south jetty on the outside in 4-6 foot FOLDING seas, running float-rigs down the rocks.

Then, we bottom fished, ZERO. Everyone out there was sitting inside the rocks close to Huguenot Park, doing zero, just like we were.

I stopped along the ""US Navy Fish Preservation Zone"" as we left the dock back at 7am. And we caught a few small Trout. So after the whole jetty "go-round" of techniques and different spots, we left and stopped back in there.  More Trout, a Flounder and a Sheepshead. Then, here comes the Blue Lights flashing and siren chirping at us.

I guess they just don't get it. YES, THE CAT AND MOUSE GAME WILL CONTINUE! Our rights as U.S. Citizens are being violated as far as I'm concerned. I will fish those sacred spots I've fished for 30 years, and will continue. When they chase me out......"don't worry. I will be back!"

Hell, it was the ONLY area all morning where we caught fish!!!

So, incoming tide, 10am and the MOON is still in the sky, the full Moon was 4 days prior and it's still kicking our asses, I go ahead and move on into the river and ICW.

More small Trout, and now the BLUEFISH are everywhere!  Eventually, we box a handful of barely 15 inchers.

Making more moves.....I go to a spot that is religiously a dead low-tide only spot in complete desperation, and the tides max high. And just starting to ebb.

Mangrove Snappers, 4 inchers, worse than Bluefish could ever be eating those high dollar live shrimp!  With NO Trout.

Then as my guys fished hard Pat sets the hook.....and brings in a huge Trout. A fat 23 incher at 4 pounds.

That was about it. The tiny Mangrove Snappers ate up everything after the Big Trout so we packed it in.

Back at the dock I cleaned I think 5 Trout a Flounder and one Sheepshead.  It was so nice of a day in the river, got really too warm, and for some reason the only fish we could catch near the inlet was along the, ""US Navy Fish Preservation Zone"".  The jetties were so off it was incredible.


Steph said...

Bad weekend everywhere I heard. Said it was gonna be on The Fishing Connection.
I had some pinfish bites Sat. That was it all along N Heckscher. At least you saved your charters day almost getting shot at. lol

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

it was the rising tide soon as the tide changed it got better. But all morning it sucked everywhere and everything we tried, 'Except along the ''USNFPZ''. They wonder (readers - viewers) why I'm a NAVY hater. HERE'S YER SIGN!