Thursday, December 22, 2016

12/22 - MAKE THAT REEL, FUN AGAIN - Book your charter Today!

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The ole Shimano Triton 100G is a great reel. Durable, Non corrosive, Powerful drag, Holds loads of line.....Basically the Timex type reel of my charter fishing arsenal.

But when it comes to the whimpy handle. It just doesn't cut it. So I replace them. With a Shimano Calcutta 400 Power Handle! 

The reel immediately goes from Boring to Jazzy and ready for action!

This can be done with about any bait casting or conventional reel today. Handle replacement is so EZ to do. Just get the power handle that fits, and in 3 minutes. You're done!

To find this reel handle on Shimano's website go to REEL SUPPORT, and scroll down to parts, select "round reels", then click on Calcutta B, then look up the Calcutta 700 and the Power handle part # is 3444 at $24.66 or look up the Calcutta 400BSV and the Power Handle part # is 3369. at $22.00.......the ones used in this video are of course the cheaper at $22 #3369. I believe I've also used the #3444 before and they fit too.

On Ebay search "Shimano Calcutta power handle #3444"
The cheapest seller has just (6) left as of Today: 12/22/16
at $28.99 free shipping.

With Little time, you can find original equipment Power Handles on Ebay, for Daiwa's, Abu Garcia's, Penn, and many others from sellers in Korea and Japan. JUST MAKE SURE YOUR REEL IS LISTED AS ON THAT'LL FIT THE HANDLES. If you have time to wait, those Korean and Japanese sellers are 1/2 price or less of what a Daiwa Power handle sells for in the USA. (I'm waiting on two from Korea, right now for my Daiwa Ryoga reels.)

******Changing out a Daiwa Ryoga baitcaster to the Daiwa Power handle with EVA knobs Video Here:

*****The Shimano Triton Reel "review":

INEXPENSIVE, Shakespeare ATS15 Graphite reels that work, great for the price, are Higher Gear Ratio than the Shimano Tritons, and are smaller than the Shimano Tritons (just grease the drag washers)

*****MORE Shimano Triton Reel review":

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