Friday, December 2, 2016

It's Dec. Already??

Holy smokes......pretty soon it's going to be 100 degrees again. Nothing inshore will be biting, because the water temps will be 88 again.

Gawd how I "don't" like summer!  Especially July, August, and Sept.  U-H-G!

Now, is the time I year I love.  No heat, No A/C, windows open and, No Kingfish tournaments!

And it'll soon be all over, with just a bat of an eye.

In my fishing life. Days & Months just fly by. But the Summer heat just drags... on and on.

Got off my charter yesterday and jumped out of the truck at home. Felt great. Took my time cleaning the boat up and putting everything away.

Wasn't sweating. Had plenty of energy. Shirt was dry, and even my "under drawers" were dry, go figure?

Oh, how I love this time of year!

PLUS...."they are still out there."

Get some current and kick back, and just pull on BIG REDS.  😎😎

The search for Trout sucked.

Only getting a few Sheepshead, a few small Flounder & Black Drum... and one 14" Trout.

It rained just enough in the morning to wet everything, including two guys who showed up with zero rain gear?

😕😕  (C'mon people. Get with it. Attempt to be a Boy Scout, at least.)

And the chill had me in comfortably in my Orange slicker suit all day, and NEVER broke a sweat. (They are known to be hot any other time of year)

Here's a few I took pics of. Sorry no Video today.

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Dennis Mills said...

ok, I looked at the blog finally!!! The trout don't appear to be at the jetties yet huh.

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

didn't try the jetties.