Sunday, February 19, 2017

2/19 - the LAWLESS bridge!


I live at the base of the "Wonderwood bridge". It's 100% lawless every single morning as the thousands and thousands of vehicles "speed" over it, heading straight to the Mayport Navy Base.

NEVER, EVER is there any Police around. I believe there is absolutely zero traffic enforcement via the Sheriffs office.

I know, I hear the drag racing all hours of the night and so do all my neighbors.

Here's what happened to a friend of mine when rear-ended by a speeding bridge crosser at 6am.....and this video doesn't show his Chevy Truck!

I cross this bridge every single morning heading to the boat ramp to do a charter. I have vehicles screaming by me heading straight to the Navy base. Doing 60-80 mph. In such a hurry, "FOR WHAT?"

The Police need to make a presence, tickets need to be issued, something needs to happen. Ever since it was built, the Wonderwood, "Charles Bennett bridge" is a law-less several mile stretch.

It could be a huge revenue producer $$$$!!


Anonymous said...

That is a shame. Hope he has insurance.

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

""He"" meaning the asshole that doesn't know how to drive.....?
Yep, he does, and Dennis has already notified a attorney.