Sunday, March 12, 2017

3/10 - Damn it blew hard....March winds?

whats that ole saying March winds bring April Flowers??

The forecast changed many a time, since George booked his trip for he and his dad.
Plus, it was the "full moon" so patience had to be utilized all morning as the Tide was high at 8am.

First fish while float-rig fishing live shrimp was a 17" Redfish. Just short of being a keeper.

Then, as the tide turned and the water came out of the grass line......"Game on".

8 - Beautiful Speckled Trout "sweethearts" two over 20 inches with the smallest being 16-1/2".
1- Jack
1- Bluefish

and being a Saturday, plenty of boat traffic.


Here's a smart boater we saw. Guess, they don't understand "tides" and that's not how to anchor a boat like that.


Steph said...

Where abouts was that grounded yacht?
Crazy people.
And great job putting them on the T-routz in that insane wind.

Capt. Dave Sipler said...