Thursday, April 6, 2017

4/7 - Wiki Jigging Reel #2 & my ELBOW?
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"JETTYWOLF LIVE" - Capt Dave discusses his 2nd Jigging Master ""Wiki Jigging" reel purchase and what went wrong with his elbow, and why he was in pain on the last Vlog video (Vlog #2).

And wants to thank everyone. My Fishing Saga Continues I'm almost let's go catch us some "sweetheart Trout" or Big Bull Redfish! case you missed it on the video and at the top of this description. (most do) D-O-H!!

Shot with: GoPro Hero 4 sessions

and I had zero internet service, so all this was done via Wifi with my dumbphone over T-Mobile.

HAVE A QUESTION...Yeah I may answer it. LOL!

More will be seen in the future when it comes to using this jigging reel for some big fish.

So stay tuned.

Here's the link to the Shimano Tranx reel and the Ugly Stik catfish rod against a nice sized Blacktip shark:

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