Monday, May 15, 2017

5/13 - damn pogies....some sea flu......lost fish

SATURDAY:  STARTED OUT ON A POGIE HUNT. "they were every where, but hell if I could get them with my brand new net."  Why a new net ya say?

Well, last time out getting pogies, same deal hunted for them, but never got any till I found them in deep deep water. They came up and I threw.....I snatched the net and it was HEAVY! Then the "swivel" broke on the net and the whole shootin match sank to the bottom in 45' of water.  Thanks to Rex, a fella I know who was near me. He got his, and then lent me his net. So I went and finally got some pogies.


So, today I'm out with a new net and it didn't matter. It was a pain in the butt catching them, for my purposes.

My crew was sea sick, "having the sea flu" the whole time. YES, the Ocean was rolling, but for a bass fisherman from the mid west andy roll was a huge roll.

We ended up in the river. I picked a spot that was going to serve us for a long while. I didn't want to over work myself anchoring and re-anchoring because of my eye (retina surgery last monday). So we fished the spot the whole rising tide.

My crew caught some fish, and lost the big ones. Either coming off or broke lines. YES, we were on heavy structure. But that was maybe just from big fish inexperience, some how.

Ended up with some Jacks, Mangrove snappers of course, Seabass, a stingray that ate a live pogie, and.........

a 20" sweetheart Speckled Trout.

It was a great day weather wise. Not hot, slight breeze, no bright sun, overcast and even a slight sprinkle of rain.

But the fish?

We should have had twice the action that we did. Maybe it was the weather change.  The lost fish I think were BIG Redbass. Which would have been a game changer if they got to the boat.

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