Sunday, May 28, 2017

5/28 - missed by inches....

Offshore again today.....ride out was okay, not great. went just 8 miles. (not far enough) Looked for bait on the beach, and could have spent way too long searching. So we pressed on.

Never said I was some expert offshore guy. But two days in a row, proves to be kinda abusive on the body. Bottom fishing offshore sure is a ton of work.

But, the bites so limited in the river and inlet. At least, on a close reef there's always a chance at something decent.

Yesterday, took Mom & Dad out a belated Mother's Day fishing trip. Mom caught all kinds of small fish. While I did only "jigging" with super light tackle.
I caught Spanish Mackerels, Big Seabass, a healthy Triggerfish and Dad caught a really big Seabass too, on cut bait. Didn't waste time looking for Pogies yesterday either.

My ultra-light jigging reel got "spooled" by a big fish. I think a Bonita. Cause it was so fast and just never stopped. Completely stripped that reel (a very small reel) of all line!

Today, two guys and it was alot sloppier out there in the morning. My "spot" with loads of small ledges, really didn't produce much. A few really small Red Snappers, Seabass of course and that was it.

I again "jigged" vertically with my ultra-light rod and hooked up a JUST SHORT Cobia. Yep, Me again, biggest fish.

31 inch Cobia on the ultra, ultra ultra, extra light Jigging Master rod and a Daiwa Ryoga jigging reel. This was a tough battle!!

Anchoring up and vertical jigging isn't as productive as drifting. But with the stiff wind today, we had to anchor up.

I do have a very very large parachute anchor that slows down the drift of the boat really well. I put it on the boat tonight for future use. And believe if I can get people to actually "work" for their bites. The jigs do produce some action. And no bait needed for some fun, on lighter tackle.

Had about a 10 foot Hammerhead Shark come check us out today. It was awesome. It even went around my marker jug floating on the surface to see if it was something to eat.

Being not far offshore, we weren't gonna get a whole lot of big fish action, this time of year. But a long ride wasn't going to happen this morning or even yesterday with the folks.

Pulled off ever so slightly a fish fry sized bag of fish yesterday. But today missed that by INCHES, with the short Cobia.

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