Sunday, June 11, 2017

6/12 - "weekends....holy smokes!"

I'm already in the can't wait stages of "weekdays in winter".  These weekends are horrible.  The incessant wakes, load boats, jet skis.

Really folks, do I have to post my differences between weekends and weekdays video here again?

Either way. The inshore bite is tough, It couldn't get any tougher than on Moon days. Now it's the full moon, coming up is the new moon.....the really wicked one!

Saturday morning we lost a big Redfish, and thats the only big red bite we got.
Then we went float-rig fishing and picked up Jacks, Ladyfish, Mangrove Snappers and a......"a Trout" as in ONE.

Then after no more action we bottom fished in the incessant wakes and caught whiting instead of big Reds.

Sunday I had a local fisherman, who wanted to learn all about trolling up Inlet Spanish Mackerel. Well, we basically tore em up pretty good in the 2-4 foot seas at the end of the jetties. No huge ones, but our 15 legals in the box with several that didn't make the 12" cut. He had a crash course in this is how ya do it, correctly versus what ever one thinks you do.

Coastal Spanish Mackerel fishing is a "lost technique". No one does it any more.
But I'm old school and it still works and still is fun.

Then, he wanted to learn the way of the float-rig. So we went and did that with limited success. We got bites and lost fish. But I finally tagged a decent 18 incher before we headed in.

I know I should have taken pics of all our Spanish Macs and the one Trout.
But damn it's hot. And I'm not thinking straight when I'm all hot and bothered.

Either way, you play the tides right and there plenty of fun Spanish Macs out there still. Which even surprised me.

Now, it's Sunday evening and I have a Monday morning charter I just left a message for, and received zero call back. So I guess I'm going Monday morning?
We'll see, that's another report.  

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