Sunday, June 25, 2017



Inlanders just don't get it. Lakes, ponds, streams in middle America just don't have them. And that's ........

It takes years and years to learn to fish tidal waters. And decades to make you think you've master the Tides. Here in Bazzaro world Florida our tides create current, and thats because the St. Johns River is dredged to China!!! The ATLANTIC OCEAN fills up the river, which in the area I fish is not a river at all. It's just a giant salty bay with too much current.

MASTERING IT TAKES DECADES. So I sure feel sorry for the newbie fisherman that moves here from Indiana! Get help. Go on a charter with someone who can help you understand your biggest hurdle while fishing bazzaro world Florida, so called river.

We had to work with current all day. But, don't fight it. You will loose! On days like this a 6 hour fishing charter maybe gets a few good hours out of the whole tide to actually Light Tackle Fish. - ""click on reports for my daily reports blog""

Jacksonville fishing reports, Capt Dave Sipler, fishing aboard the 26' Jettywolf 365 since 1996.

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