Wednesday, July 12, 2017

7/12 - BANANA CURSE????


We lost a total of 3 big fish today. Did the banana curse have anything to do with this?

WHY ARE BANANAS CONSIDERED FISHING FOOD?  I wouldn't take a banana on a hike through the woods, let alone fishing!

Things were weird, and I mentioned that I  hope we don't have any bananas on board. Then, Bell went up to the cooler and pulled out two neatly frozen bananas!  Of course, I suggested they eat them, and fast. So, we could get a fish to the boat.

Of course, once gone from sight. Connor finally got a few Redfish to the boat and in the net!

The current today was way worse than yesterday. (still a full moon)

It's funny that the damn current in this ''great salty bay'', can really hurt a day of fishing. Just imagine how strong it will be after they dredge the ''great salty bay'', another 10' foot deep?  Not sure if I want to be here to see the outcome & destruction.


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