Monday, July 24, 2017

7/24 - More New Moon Fishing & Trout Workshop:


7/24 - Big Redbass bite today was not good at all. Had James M and his Mom out all day.

Well at first, it rained on us pretty good first thing this morning. (My new top on the Jettywolf will help with staying dry....when its done. Hopefully by Thursday the 26th!!!!!!)

this pic just doesn't do these clouds justice. It was ominous looking.
the red bite wasn't even close to two days ago.
but we finally got one to hook itself.

when the tide was flooding so hard we couldn't even fish for the reds, we fished a slower current area with shrimp and 2 ounce egg sinkers and caught 4 Pup black drum, and two were 15" so they went in the box. We also had mangrove snappers and small Lane snappers.

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