Wednesday, August 9, 2017

8/9 - the RUSH of 2 hr Kids Trips...before school starts

Plus I have a Kids Trip tomorrow as well.  Then, all will come to a complete halt as far as taking the kids fishing, as soon as school starts.

But the start of school seems to effect adults too. Even swinging single people!
Why is that?
I have no clue.

But either way I'll be back into adult trips starting Sunday with a full boat of guys from Indiana I think. A bunch of sweetwater fisherman....hahaha

They probably think we're going out for Marlin, Dolphin and Halibut.

Either way here's some shots of the kids I had aboard the last few days.

Again: Its always difficult to get Kids and fish in a really good photo. Many catch fish and then are scared to death of them. I wondered about that, so I asked my dad, "was I ever scared of a fish, as a kid?" He said, I guess not because I don't ever remember you being afraid of the water or fish.

SEE? That's why I'm your fearless fishing Guide!


ya can't tell but this was a HUGE Whiting about 16-17 inches!  Damn, wish we could of had a whole box of those!

Then, here's what I thought was a photo. Instead I had the video going instead.
These two kids were a hoot. Soooo, into fishing it was unbelievable. For their ages, I don't see that, much.

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