Thursday, September 28, 2017

9/28 - the last 10 days!

After the video below in my last report. I found my fuel tank leaking.
(it's a very long story....)

So now about 10 days later and a lot of "dollars". A new fuel tank is in the Jettywolf.

The original tank was 150 gallon aluminum tank. It was very corroded in a corner. I hit a huge bump, which I called a ROAD MOUNTAIN with a manhole cover on it, coming back from the mechanic, because last week the water pump gave out on the Suzuki, and I had a charter on Monday!  So I scrambled to get it fixed.  "It's what we do constantly, in the charter biz. Always under pressure!)

The bump in the road was the straw that broke the camels back. The tank was leaking, in the video below, while were were having a great day.

After that, it was "scramble again". Reschedule charter on Monday, thank goodness.

Then, the fun began. Hire a welder/fabricator. A super father & son team, that does Mobile welding and fab.

Day one: after prepping and taking out 125 gallons of fuel from the tank. Yes, I filled her up practically, because of the Hurricane. Not Good!
Have MS mobile welding & fab come by and assess what needed to be done. Cut deck out of boat, pulled tank out (HUGE & HEAVY!!!)

Days afterwards...I worked my tail off, getting everything ready for them, for the next round.

Day two: Install new tank, that was delivered via Amazon believe it or not! And yes, PRIME, free two day shipping! And a lot of $$$!  Had to go with a plastic tank and only 60 gallons. It was the only Moeller tank that fit in the space.
A new aluminum tank would have to be built at 4-6 weeks and twice the price.

****be warned. No matter what boat you own. Metal or glass. Your tank is probably on the verge of leakage if it's 10-15 years old. Check Youtube. It happens. It'll leak. If it's old.  Mine is 11 years old and road hard. One corner was really bad. And slamming that "road mountain" on JTB, didn't help at all. *****

Thousands of dollars later the tank is in now. The boat is filthy. Loads of grinding took place of aluminum and my hard as concrete deck paint, is a powdery mess every where.

Still need to re-paint deck sometime, after aI recover financially. Which will take months and months.

Yep, all this, to stay in business.

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