Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Today, the first real COLD day of the year. The 20 knot winds didn't help.

Well, I have to say fishing has been tough in the river where I go. So on Monday the 23rd, Bob "the Traveler" Johnson and I ventured north to get away from the St. Johns river.

We went to the Nassau river, a 18 mile ONE WAY ride!!!

Which goes against ever thing I stand for. But, with it being hard to find a Croaker bite, on these rising tides that I've had to fish every day. I guess you could say it was well worth it.

Needless to say, "You'll see it it in the video coming soon". When I get a chance to do the 8 hrs of editing.

Tuesday, I had two guys and we went to the Jetties. And couldn't buy a bite other than a bunch of tiny Croakers that were 4 inches long. We did have a big pull down on a 1/2 Croaker I threw out as cut bait. But that was it. At noon we packed it in.

So, what's the moral of the story?  I guess a 18 mile run one way to actual salty water up in the Nassau River and sound.

We had Trout everywhere we went but one spot. LOADS of small fish, with just 7 keepers to 20+ inches. You'll see in the video, my new livewell system.
And it works great!

Today had parents and two little girls. Super cutey pies. We fished all around Mayport for just a handful of Croakers, all caught by the 12 year old, who was the Hot Rod of the morning. While dad and I struggled.

Here's what was going on over at old Atlantic Ship Yard. Pretty cool!

Just finished up 4 days. And have Thursday off and back at in for 4 more days.
I guess this could mean a lot of trips to the gas station since I now only have a 60 gallon tank in the boat and having to do 36 mile round trips each day, to find BITES!

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