Monday, October 9, 2017

10/9 - video from 10/6 Wes, captures monster FLOUNDER! - (904) 642-9546 Book your charter Today!

"JETTYWOLF LIVE" - 10/06/2017 fishing for Speckled Trout actually. Crew member Wes, of Mayport Florida fishes a "jig-n-shrimp" combo meal near some rocks and hooks up a monster ""door mat"" sized Flounder in the St. Johns River. Jacksonville, Florida while fishing aboard the Jettywolf, with Capt Dave's Sport Fishing charters.

It was the start of the October full ""harvest Moon"", certainly not ideal with the radically high tides. A full 2 feet higher tide than normal in N.E. Florida. After Hurricane Irma passed the river is looking like chocolate soup! And we just stopped by a spot to fish during the "Slack high tide", where Capt Dave's clients have caught back to back 7 pound Speckled Trout before.

Finished up the day with approx. 10-15 short Speckled Trout, another nice Flounder, a short Redfish, a Black Drum and two small Sheepshead, and a Jack Crevalle, all on lead-head Jigs and live shrimp.

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