Thursday, December 14, 2017

12/14 - CATCHIN & CLEANIN.....HUGE WINDS, STILL EZ FISHING - (904) 642-9546 Book your charter Today! PLEASE READ VIDEO DESCRIPTION "JETTYWOLF LIVE" - 12/13/2017 Started out calm and cold. By mid-day it was warmer and gusting to 25 kt winds and the TROUT didn't care! Caught approx 20 Trout from 14" to 17", boxing our 12 fish for 2 persons Florida limit, easily. DON'T BE A COUCH POTATO.....the fish love winter in Jacksonville, Fl. It's the best time of year for inshore fishing. Period. Especially on a weekday......NO, Friday's are not a weekday in the fishing world. They are Monday thru Thursday's. Trying out the NEWEST Filletzall blade with my Makita 'one hand' reciprocating saw. WAY BETTER, STRONGER than any electric fillet knife. Especially for tough, SALTWATER species. WITH the Filletzall blades. Trying out the newest blade, the Freshwater Plus, blade. For smaller, lighter fish. But still.....Speckled Trout not being a tough fish in any way. It was a great trial. They are delicate, have no large tuff scales. Are slimey as all hell, and their bodies are sort of soft. But once I got the hang of it. The Filletzall "freshwater PLUS" blade worked like a charm. NO real need to use such a fish cleaning machine on Speckled Trout. BUT, I wanted to see how it would work , anyhow. -check out the full line up of Reciprocating saw fillet blades. ''I FEAR NO FISH'' , Cleaning Sheepshead with FILLETZALL video: ------------------------------------------------------------ TO MY SUBSCRIBERS: I'm really wanting to take my Youtube channel to the next level, (if I can manage to) I want to do more product tests for you. Offer "give-aways" of products. Add if possible interviews with others. That's why I'm asking for your help. You may have noticed the help support my channel / reports blog graphic at the end of this video. Because to start a new year with new idea's it going to take some funds. Funds I don't have. But with my subscribers help. I can do it. And make this Youtube channel more interactive with my subscribers. I have plans!! You can help out with any donation here: there's no fee's. And you don't even have to be a PayPal member. -I'd like to review substantial products for you and then have a contest to win the product. -Ask manufactures to donate samples for you to try. -I'd like to do "interview" video's. Thank you for being a subscriber. Visit my daily reports blog here:

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