Tuesday, January 23, 2018

1/23 - Oh, that water's COLD!

16" Trout that felt like a ice cube

17 inch Croaker, same spot different day.

The fact is the local waters are COLD.....last year when we had NO winter. This same time of the month it was 67 degree water.

Now, (yesterday) I measured a whopping 49-51 'ish on my sounder (surface temp).

The only fish we've been catching "inconsistently" are small Redfish, small Black Drum and small Croakers.

I've been doing my best to find some large Sheepshead. And that hasn't worked out very well.

Wanting to really use my Makita & Filletzall blades really badly!   If you have no ide what I'm talking about then you missed this ""VIDEO""

The last time I went float-rig fishing with a livewell full of shrimp. they all died once they hit the water barely lasting one drift behind the boat.

With Trout being very finicky when it comes to being too cold (water temp) I laid off float-rig fishing this past week.

But since zero else is a ""Hot bite"", I'll be going back. Because it's at least better than, what I have been doing, which has been "low & slow" bottom bouncing.

The Jetties?  My gawd, for me it's been a dead-zone!

Sterotypically, The Trout really thrive in the 63-68 degree temps.

Doubt we'll see that this weekend, but it can't (water temp) get any much lower than it has. It has to go warmer, I'd think.

I love a good winter..."who doesn't?"  No sweating fishing. Bait stealers vacate the area. But this has been a big one so far.

At least this may kill off (GAWD I HOPE!!!) all the little Mangrove Snappers. So by April, we can Trout fish successfully instead of feeding expensive live shrimp to 6" bait nippers. 

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