Wednesday, February 14, 2018

2/14 - LUV ON THE HOOK....Valentines day!

Can't say I ever charter fished on my birthday before. For many years me and my Pop's would head south to the big Miami Boat Show that's held over this week.

We did that for years and years. But it now is so expensive to go & stay, it's out of a Jacksonville Fishing Guides budget.

Was supposed to take Pierre out on Monday, but switched to today because he thought maybe his son could come along. But that fell through. So he went all by himself.

So with another day of a crew of one. I headed out in the deep fog at 8am.

A dozen or so Trout, and 4 big Redfish over 30 inches. We finally had to call it quits because Pierre needed to get on the road for some visits to S. Florida.

BUT...if ya are doing a one person charter. YOU will make out. Because I can be your "ringer". And help you out when it comes to fish in the box. "extra fish in the B-O-X!"

Here's a few photos, I took:

-as you can see LUV WAS ON THE HOOK , this Valentines day! - since 1996

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