Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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"JETTYWOLF LIVE" - ''Reintroducing this video from my archives of hundreds and hundreds of videos no one ever sees.

''Mayport Jetties & St. Johns River; Float-rig - Bottom & Jig Fishing with Capt Dave''

I'm on a giant Trout hunt again, very soon. (catching many big Gators, on the float-rig with live shrimp since this winter) but, soon tactics will change, aboard the JETTYWOLF.

With my livewell Oxygen system, I'm primed and ready to catch a few dozen small Croakers via ''hook & line'', and then put them in the path of some GATOR Speckled Trout.


Yes, Mullet and even Pogies would do. But Croakers are hardier baits, and a Croaker just screams EAT ME, when fished in certain Trout haunts.

This right here is just a snap-shot of my catches, and more than enough genuine proof, that they WORK great.

***BIG Trout is what makes my fishing world go round.***

Yes, at the same time, I can pitch topwater plugs etc. But in the heat of summer. Nothing works better than a frisky live Croaker cast into a area it doesn't belong!!

Especially, in N.E. Florida. St. Johns River, and other similar bodies of water, local to ME.

This is NOT that pond called the Gulf of Mexico!!!! 
It couldn't be any more different.

Capt Dave's Sport Fishing, Jacksonville Florida, inshore / coastal Fishing charters since 1996. 26' all aluminum commercial charter boat, largest, safest in the area.

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