Friday, November 23, 2018

11/23 - before I was a famous ''Jacksonville Fishing Youtuber''...(Youtube didn't exist?)

RETRO MAYPORT JETTIES REDFISH W/ JIG-N-SHRIMP (fiddlers too) with the Dogster

take notice..VERY LIGHT 8-10, MAYBE 12# MONO, SOMETIMES, not super braid.

BUGGY WHIP match the fine wire hook on the jig-heads, we used back then.

this was in DECEMBER! no one was around. 
The fish were super PLENTIFUL!

unlike today, there was plenty of ''keepers'' around the rocks.

TROLLING MOTOR??  YES.  but, I preferred ANCHORING UP!  And still do!!

I'm a spot fisherman. ONCE I found them. Over goes the anchor.