Tuesday, December 11, 2018


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VLOGING???....ONE MO' TIME! On the back porch of the Casa de Jettywolf Ranchero delux, in Jacksonville Florida.

It's that time O' the year again folks...like Christmas Caroling in the 1900's before liberal wacko's deemed it offensive to their ''feeling''......But, I still 'juice' before Christmas! And no one can stop me from consuming the sweet nectar of Florida rain showers from all summer and fall.  During the cold and flu season, ''I NEEDS ME MY VITAMIN C!''......GOTTA STAY healthy for all these fishing charter clients, and healthy to make videos like this (and others) showing those NORTHERNERS what they are missing, right now in JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. (Where people like me wear 'shorts' in December!!

No having to speak spanish, like in Miami. We speak ''good ole boy'' here. THE LANGUAGE OF AMERICA
SO, COME ON DOWN, to the 'real south'.  No need to go any further.

MY HOTELS PAGE: https://www.captdaves.com/hotel/  -Newest is the Holiday Inn express.10 minutes from dock.

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