Tuesday, May 11, 2021

5/11 - 35% discounted De-hooker....but


"JETTYWOLF LIVE" - 05/11/2021 -Got a super Amazon discount. Happened to be at West Marine picking up two more STAR Aerial rods I ordered, and saw this Baker hook-out, that was a stainless XL version. Never seen one this large before. My gadget interest was PEAKED! So on the way home, I used my dumb phone, and saw one on Amazon at a 35% discount! BAM.....ORDERED! Then, I need to make it super handy. So, I mounted a length of PVC to my ''bait board/sinker trays'', that's basically my ''work station'' on my charter boat......the rest is, now lets see see how this de-hooker works. Guess a future video is in order. 💌''TIP JAR'' if my ''tips'' help you out: https://www.paypal.me/captdaves

Yesterday, ELLIOTT was the big man on the Jettywolf! Catching 3 to 1 over his dad and his two friends. He had this Black Drum, loads of yellowmouth trout and whiting. As usual, the wind started screamin about 11am. We couldn't catch any live pogies. So I'm glad I had a bag of dead ones left over by a shortened trip the day before. Where the big fish was Tarpon hook up #3.....that was of course a SHOCKER for Cindy who hooked it up on a live Pogie. But one of the crew had to go to Alabama so we only fished the morning. And caught a 19" Whiting, and some other junk fish.

But Elliott will be a future Angler extraordinaire, some day. He was laser focus for only 9 years old.