Wednesday, January 24, 2007

1/24 - Stick a fork in me...I'm Done!

I don't know anyone who takes as much pride in being as thorough
as I do. I loose sleep over contemplating the questions of where are
they, how can I better catch them, how can I better help my clients
catch them. I live it, breath it, it's a lifestyle. Hunting fish on the
Float-rig. Shallow, deep, and in between.

I believe it's the best overall fish catching technique
in N.E. Florida, and just not for Trout.

Some get it, some don't. Some can do it easily, some can't.
But everyone (my customers) stays active,
stays fishing, and in pursuit
while learning something,
other than how to cast.

All I have to say is......I'm very disappointed.

The float freak is very very upset.

Again, I gave it "one last try" today, before forgeting about it till something really changes in that river. I never had such a bad January day in my whole life. I caught ZERO trout, in 6 hours. Frequented a few areas at different tide phases than I usually would. But keep in mind I only fish places I would take a charter too, 90% of the time. Places others could catch some too.

Going back to bottom fishing. And Whiting is on the agenda too. (they're biting) That's what we'll be doing in the days to come.

Because there's a serious 'lack of Trout'.
ARE THEY JUST GONE, from the Mayport area?
According to all my log books for the last 10 years they would still be biting. At least the Yellowmouth, I find on the south jetties.

Don't bother. I know what your thinking.
I go by the book. My books. Don't care about what is in other reports or where anyone else has been or done.
I use my detailed logs to double check what and when, constantly.
I've seen this 'pattern' coming, even as I wrote reports on my old forum.

Do I dare too open up last years books???
Do I dare post the pics of last January 2006 either.

Okay just one. That's, PETER TELFORD up there, a happy Float-Freak!
With his 16 pound "XLB" - Xtra lighttackle battle, Float-rig caught Redbass from Jan. 10th of 2006.
Haven't see any of those in January of 2007 except a few slot fish, but not a heavyweight like that.

Here's January 2006: (in between the high winds, cold and Gales, and post-holiday empty check books)
the 1st.....a Trout riot! Limits, limits and limits to 4 pounds.
the 10th.....Big Redfish 16 pounds, some really nice Trout and even Sheepshead.
the 17th......Lots of wind but still Sheepshead to 7 pounds, yellowmouth Trout and Speck mix.
the 28th....Box of Specks even on a tough day, but 4-3 pounders, 20-Yellowmouth, a Redfish and Flounder!
the 29th......two person limit of Specks to 3 pounds.

Nothing else. The Float-Freak was happy.
Now he's not.

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