Friday, January 26, 2007

1/26 - "E" for a huge EFFORT

Had Cliff, Martin & Dave aboard today. Cliff & Martin were from Canada, Dave a Jax. Sheriff's Dept. deputy.
Never got the relation between the three, but it didn't matter. They were all good guys. And man I love having people aboard from far away places. I really like talking to them and hearing about where they are from.

Ya' know I had Whiting at Nassau Sound in mind. But of course took the float-rods, just in case.
Well, I couldn't help myself when I got near the Sound, I stopped at a great Trout spot....or more like, "I've wacked the hell out of them there many a time". In January thru February. Mostly on MirrOlures. So we fished it. And instantly had Trout hooked up. 14-1/2 after another. With only two keepers only. Even this place was off. Damn, what's going on? This same spot is where I've taken people numerous times for limits and limits of big fish.
Like I said in an earlier post, none of this measures up with any of my log books for other years in January.

We BARELY caught the last of the falling tide. So after about 12 trout, we moved out to the innards of the Sound, deep up into the sand bar country I went, and found nothing but high winds and NO CURRENT. Tried another spot same deal.
Looked at the tides. Very 'low' a 3.5' incoming. And what's the story???
"if there's less than 4 foot of water movement, there's probably gonna be no current" Right??

Okay, hell with this. The guys seemed to really like the float-rig fishing, so we went back to it.

The tide was incoming now, and we barely could catch a cold. Picked off maybe 6 more Trout, that were all small, even went up in a creek off the ICW. And the Bluefish are everywhere.
The "scourge" of winter fishing species. I hate them more than blennies at the jetties!

The theme is clear, crystal clear. And my best laid plans of fishing the sound for Whiting went awash as soon as I got there......14 miles north!

And man, it was cold ride North, at 7am.

We caught fish. But certainly not like I wanted and I'm sure the guys wanted. But after it warmed up we had a nice day. A wintry chill was in the air even this afternoon, but the clear skies and bright sun was nice.

Tomorrow....I have Travis a solo guy along, and will be sticking closer to the home turf. I don't think he's all that interested in Whiting, so we'll probably beat up the jetty rocks.
Maybe I'll even get to take a picture or two.

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