Sunday, February 11, 2007

2/11 - Early bird gets a lot of FISH!

Ya gotta get up pretty damn early to beat this "4 minute kid" to the bait shop! 4 minute kid, because that's how long it takes me to get some live shrimp at the bait shop from my drive way, and then another 4 minutes to get to the boat ramp.
So when I'm on a mission......look out, I'm there!
I was on my spot at 0630 hrs. before the sun came up. Ready, and armed.
Yeah, another beautiful morning. And I had to go solo, because no one wants to go. I think next January and February I'll just go get a "real" j-o-b, like the rest of the world. Because as far as everyone thinks. The world just halts, because it's winter..."and that's total bull!" The world doesn't stop, it just keeps going. And the tough get going, because if ya wanna catch some fish, you better be tough. I've got zero tolerance for winter whiners.
As you can see from my self portraits, if you wanted any falling tide, you'd have to be on the spot before sun up. AND I WAS! It was cold, too. But I had new rods to try out. 8'3" Bad-azz G.LOOMIS Greenwater series rods. Remember, I said I was going l-0-n-g-e-r?????
We'll I did. And will now also have clients using longer 7'6" Greenwaters, rather than 7 footers.
Yes, 6 inches makes a lot of difference!
Low tide came early. And this is the only time I can catch anything worth going.
I tried the incoming tide 3 times earlier in the week. And didn't report on it because I had zero to report about! It's R&D, and let me tell ya'...If you wanna fish on an incoming tide, so be it. But YOU picked the day, not me. FALLING TIDE, IS IT RIGHT NOW, period.
Float fishing 4 feet of water. First drift of my float-Flounder. Second drift of my float - Redfish, Third drift of my float-BIGGER Redfish, Forth drift of my float-Speckled Trout. You get the picture. It was a riot.
Ended up with:
9 -Reds to 28"
1-Flounder 15"
7-Speckled Trout (had a limit of 5 easily)
1-Sheepshead 5 pounds
7-Yellowmouth Trout all 15"
I can go in such shallow water with my 26' boat, I'm amazed. If you really think an aluminum (plate alloy) boat is some kind of odd-ball boat, call me. I'll show ya. This is the best boat for my kind of fishing there possibly is. Super rough deep water to shallow. I can do it all. Think twice before you go out and shop for one of those "look-alike Euro Clorox bottles" the next time you want to upgrade. This baby is all fishing, any where you need to go. I'm loving it!

(Rest of the pics on my recent catch photo pages on my web site)

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