Monday, February 26, 2007

2/26/07 - A really fun day with Nick

Had to wait till Monday to go fishing.
Well, I actually had a weekend charter, but they ended up changing the date to March 2nd
when Speckled trout opens again. Plus there was the 300 boat El Cheapo Sheepshead Tournament on Saturday. I was a sponsor, had a free entry, and still never fished it.
I love fishing tournaments when they are 50 boats or even a 100 boats. BUT 300 boats??? Count me out.
That's what happened to the Redfish SPOTS tournament too.
I fished it, till it got way out of hand, then quit fishing it.
I'm not into crowds.

That's why I waited till Monday to go fishing.
And after seeing Nick Watson, drummer for my favorite band RATHKELTAIR, a Celtic Rock Band at the boat ramp the other day while he was out with his buddy from another Celtic rock band, SEVEN NATIONS and they didn't do so good, I called Nick and invited him out with me, because I wanted to help him out with some of the finer points of Float-rig fishing.
Nick and I always talk about Float-riggin', and I always like to hear what's the latest on the band, and what he's been up too lately. (I find the musician life interesting) and like Nick's willing to learn.
So we left out at 6:30am to go catch the falling tide in the creeks.
Low tide: 10:30
High tide: 4:30
First spot was the one of my "go-to's" that I've been hitting because it's just so damn productive on the Redbass, since Trout season has been closed. I catch plenty of trout there, but sometimes I can really clean up on the nice slot reds. We had 3 good ones today from 23-26 inches.
A bunch of Trout to 18 inches....and of course a few pup reds.
Then since I was doing a little show and tell so Nick could pick up some tips, we moved around and went into a few more creeks. We had a "sea-breeze" problem on a certain spot, and couldn't even fish it, as the tide flooded in, and after that as it rose higher. Our fish catching was over.
Can't catch anything on a incoming tide soon as I get 2 hours or more into it. But we tried and picked up a small trout and a Flounder.
I had a really good time sharing some time with Nick. I wanted him to see the new boat, and how shallow I can go, the tackle, the techniques, and the areas to fish. I want him to take his musician friends out in his boat and "be the man", and get them hooked up on a few, next time.

The rest of the pictures (8) from our day are on Recent Catch Page 5 on my web site:
If you're wanting to learn more about float fishing for Reds & Trout, the time is now to reserve your day. Speckled Trout season opens in a few days, from the reprive from the Float Freak.
And March 's good tidal days are filling up fast.

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