Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2/28 - Trout re-opens tomarrow! With a windy start.....

You want to know what every single first week in March and the re-opening of the Speck's means?
Believe me, when I tell you, I know!
This is the "norm".
I have too many log books to flip thru, to prove it.
Right when you want to go full bore into Trout attack mode with some customers, here comes the wind. Plus, I have a guy who moved his charter from last Sunday (probably because of the forecast, to March 2nd..."so he could keep more fish", and now the forecast is worse, than last Sunday. (SCA-small craft advisory = one tough ass day!)
Went out today "solo" so I could look for a new spot if my "go to" creek area fails on Friday.
Caught 6 Redbass all about the size of the one in the picture, with I think one "mini" Red, at 15". A bunch of small Trout & 3 keeper sizers, and a 14" Flounder. Found a spot that should be a great Flounder haunt in the spring. That I could even wade fish, better than fishing in the boat. It's a sand bar in a creek, with a slew of water with oyster beds between a island that has a pond of water in the middle that drains into the slew........"whewww, I gotta keep my eye on that spot!"
I'm going reiterate something I said on my old Forum on a post I made. And something I learned while fishing with friend Nick on Monday. (if your here reading this for an educational purpose)
-do you realize, that there is a new hot spot, right next to an area you already fish?
**Most people think everything is about a "magic spot", when its not that at all.
-I'm usually in "Economy Mode" when I go out and fish solo. That means I want to spend a gallon or two of gas and that's all, so I go to an area very close, fish a good spot and then beat the area to death trying to find as many ways of fishing that same area as I can. Another oyster bed, a different bank, a shallower area next to the deep spot.
** I see people come in to an area, not catch anything and then get frustrated and take off to another so called great spot they heard about. That doesn't really work.
-Today, I never left the same 1/4 mile area. No further than a few miles from the boat ramp.
** that's how I learn the bottom, the topography, the currents, and where the fish are.
10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish, and 90% of the fish are in 10% of all the water.
My 23' MayCraft is sold........HURRAY!!!!!!!!! (it only took 6 months)
Sold thru Consignment Boat Sales, Ocean Street in Mayport.
A nice fella in Georgia that has a dock in a creek off the St. Marys River is gonna be the new owner. He's going to have a great do-all boat that's for sure. (and a brand new trailer to boot)
I'd love to know if anyone reads this new Daily Reports page, and if you like it better than the old Forum. If you have a minute e-mail me if you visit this part of my web site. I'm afraid no potential customers are finding it, or even look at it. I'd appreciate it.

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