Saturday, March 10, 2007

3/10 - Late day falling tide, BLITZ

Took Tom W. out today for a late day falling tide whammo. The breeze from the N.E. was still up, but nothing like yesterday. Although it was still chilly.
Since we had a very weak tide (all this week).
And one Beldar Conehead after another, driving by us. It made for a very anxious start, for me since I hate other people in boats near me.
"I need to start fishing another part of this State to get some consideration". And I know where that is it'll just take me another 25 years to learn it as well as I know where I fish now. You can quote me on this: "You will not catch BIG TROUT very often where there is incessant boat traffic." I've R&D'd that topic to death, and that's my findings.
So we started out picking thru the small Trout, in between the pinfish bites. Because there wasn't any current, and the water temp is now a good 65 degrees. When you have big time current, and cold water, is when you will feed most of your bait to only the targeted species. But we're about out of that scene for now. So take more shrimp cuz you're gonna need it.
Either way, the later it got the more people went home....Thank you. And left some of my favorite spots wide open. We only went to (1) spot that didn't produce a single fish, and that's surely because of boat traffic all damn day.
So as you can see in the pics, Tom smoked me! I told him, I'm such a great "host & coach" I want him to catch all the fish, even though I fished right along with him. He caught the Redbass. Largest was 27" exactly and the other was 26-1/2". And we boxed a only 5 Trout, 16-19 inches.
But we must have had no less that 20 Trout total.......THERE WAS SO MANY DINKS!!!!!
But Tom had a Blast, and learned a lot, he said. Tom's a fisherman already. So he appreciated and understood the Saturday traffic, that's gonna get nothing but worse as the season progresses..
Tom and I observed, that there's a lot of people who need to go buy a chart of the river, because we watched no less that 5 boats drive into the bottom today. If these people had even a small clue that it takes water to float a boat, they wouldn't have gone there. And these are the people you drive next too in traffic....damn that's scary!
This is the way to go fishing (hint, hint) Take the tide that insure bites. (the one I've been talking about for weeks and months.) Take the best 4 hours. Plan your day. Get 4 dozen shrimp, leave when the tides right, fish those 4 hours, come home with more fish than you can eat in a week. And save yourself a lot of frustration.
Tomorrow......(4) people, bad tide, 6:30am start time, "God please let there be no 20 knot wind!"

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