Sunday, March 11, 2007

3/11 - Early Rising...Blurry eyed and Fogged

Had some really nice people aboard today. The Kennedy Clan. Mom, Dad, and bother and sister. Son, Sam I had on the boat back in February, with 3 of his Navy Buddies. But this time his family was visiting, so dad said, "Lets go fishin'". When Sam was out with me in Feb. we fished the falling tide on a cold but sunny day and we targeted Reds up in the shallows. This time we had a few hours of the falling tide, and not such a strong one either.
But Cappy Dave made do.
Pictured, is Sam's sister and dad. Between the (4) of them his sister caught all but one of the keeper size Trout. And as you can see we fished the jetties to start off. The current was really weak, and the scourge of the jetties the Bluefish were ravenous. But we picked and poked a few Keeper trout out of the spot, and had a TON of 14 inchers. And a small Sheepshead.
THIS IS THE SAME SPOT THAT LAST YEAR ON MARCH 6TH WE ABSOLUTELY SLAYED THE BIGGER TROUT. (I put up a photo of last March 6th's stinger...see the other posts)
But this ain't last year.
So we moved on so to not feed all to the dinks and Blues our precious live shrimp, Inwhich B&M bait and tackle had ZERO of. They were out on another gorgeous weekend. "OUCH...thats gotta hurt."
But by now the tide was coming in and we picked and poked around and caught more trout, again all dinks.
But we they had fun anyhow.
I knew it was a lot to ask, but I asked Delk, Sam's dad, to be at the boat ramp at 6:30am.
Add in the time change, and we all were loosing sleep.....I know after fishing till late yesterday, I was a ball of silly puddy this morning. Because I did yesterdays Blog entry at almost 11pm, and lost an hour of sleep and had to be up and boat loaded and at the ramp by at least 6:15am. So I arose at the prime hour of 5:00 am.
So I'm pretty tired right now. But I'm always on top of things concerning fishing, and my reports are fishing related, so there ya have it. This is a "must do" in my book. (all for you, the reader)
The river traffic was heavy, but not until after 10am.
We didn't end up leaving till 7:12am, because of it being so damn dark still and FOGGGGGY.
I mean thick stuff over the river. I was afraid to attempt a dark and foggy departure. I'm a Die-Hard, but not stupid. Especially with clients aboard.
So we caught some fish at least with the slow and death like tide. Totaling 25+ Trout and the Sheepshead, but with only 6-8 keeper Trout in the box.
I know slow tides mean, DINK-VILLE. But lately this is rediculas.
No reds up in my creek area....may have had a pupper hooked up but it got off.
This week the tides will continue to be slow till at least Thursday.
Then I have a Friday and Saturday & Monday reserved........"I HAVE SUNDAY OPEN..."
Which has near perfect tide times and flow. It's a 6 foot falling tide at 8am....WOW.
Anyone up for a Sunday Trout & Redbass trip??
I know I had a lot of you email me that you read the reports and want to go learn a new trick.
So Sunday 3/18, is your chance. (11am-5pm)
Lets see if any of the readship of this report page truely wants to pony-up a quality charter.

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