Monday, March 19, 2007

3/19 - More Spring Breakers and EAST winds

Had Carl B. his son Danny and his friend and his son aboard today. It's still spring break, and the kids have off, so it was the "boys day out".
But again....the heavy duty due east winds were incessant.......AGAIN!
And this really effected the fishing, well its affected the Trout fishing a lot.
But first off, (ALERT, ALERT....Editorial forth coming) I supply 2 coolers on my boat, each one is 72 qts. And each one is filled with fresh clean ice each day. If any thing gets me fired up it's buying ice and coolers and not using them. I go days on end not using the cooler and ice I have provided for drinks & sandwiches. WHY??? Because my instructions are disregarded.
I tell everyone, "bring your "whatever" in a plastic bag, leave a cooler in your vehicle for when we get back for your fish fillets, I have coolers and ice".
And the cooler size is what it is because you do not need any more supplies than a 72 qt cooler can provide. So, (in the photo) my white 72 qt cooler sits full of ice, with two coolers full of Gilligan's Island provisions. More food than has EVER been in my refrigerator in my entire adult life. Does anyone need all that? NO. I got this way, back when I was in the offshore fishing business. I supplied a 200 qt cooler for just fish and bait, and another cooler box built into the boat that was 120 qt. And still I had to convince people to take all that stuff back to their truck! You will not eat all that or drink those 75 bottles of Gatorade!!!
So as you can see the boys caught some fish. Largest was a 22" Redfish. But it was a tough day, that's for sure. They caught another small 14" Redfish, a small Flounder, one small Trout, and a bluefish. THAT WAS IT! And as usual I even extended the day a little while to try a few more spots.
Everywhere we went it was challenging for these boys, if they knew it or not. Today would have been tough for the highly skilled, even. It was because of the wind.
And I just realized, after talking to my neighbor about this week so far, that this has to be the first strong tide week, that I couldn't get the "keeper size" Trout going. I could have, if they possessed the skills to fish the area. But as Carl said today, "people some times I'm sure don't realize what you have to do to catch good fish." And Carl was so right, especially about today.
Things are looking really good for the upcoming months. Multiple Corporate bookings, meaning multiple boats, multiple days.
Three more days, to go.....and just one more with a junior spring breaker.
Damn, if the wind actually lays down and I can get complete concentration, we may be back into the Trout. Damn, that would actually be nice!
This time last year, I was knee-deep in big fat Specks every single day I was out that had "some" version of a falling tide.
Is my frustration evident? Because I'm trying to keep a handle on it.

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