Thursday, March 22, 2007

3/22 - Leave it up to March

Just doing an update, here.
yesterdays charter, because I had locals that could, we're pushing it back to sometime in April.
Tomorrows trip (Friday) is suppose to depart at noon, I just don't know if that's a good thing, or not. I'm just looking for a falling tide.
But because of the bla,bla Equinox the tides are really powerful, this time around on the new moon.
Had friends out yesterday, and they certainly didn't look thrilled afterwards.
The East winds are just playing hell with us on the river, and I thought I was the nutty one, because no one was really talking about it.
Because most people I talked to are "casual" fisherman, just going when they can. And don't have to try and get kids catching fish in very tough conditions.
And just last night the "Weather Guessers" on TV started mentioning how bad the ocean would be...........they finally woke up from behind the desk and said..."damn the ocean should be messy because of all this!"
So, there maybe a good, bad or indifferent report after Friday's trip. But now you know what incessant East 15-20 knot winds does to the charter fisherman out there, at the height of a busy "Spring Breaker" week.
One thing is a sure bet, this HIGH that's sitting there creating all this East Wind will eventually go away and things do turn around, again.

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