Friday, March 30, 2007

3/30 - Ya' should have been here...a few days ago.

Of course after several beautiful mornings, with low-'er' winds and fish-able conditions with no reservations, for when it was nice. So here comes today & tomorrow, 3/30-3/31 and I have pre-reserved days. But the forecast is of course, NOT GOOD.

20 knot N.E. winds for rain, over-cast skies, and ultimately crappy.
Saturday supposive 10-15 S.E. and getting better, toward the new week. ( we'll see)
Easter Holiday, no one has pre-reserved yet.
And of course no one has thought about Memorial day week, either.
I best be prepared for the onslaught of late callers.
2- weeks to 30 days notice makes a Happy Cappy....remember, plan to "succeed".

I'd hate to know the ratio of reserved trips on "Iffy" versus "good" weather days, so far in 2007.

I'm sure I wouldn't be surprised.

So, the theme of this weekend and UGLY MARCH is the photo to the right. Because calm waters....slick seas, and low wind, where the fish are has been hit & miss this month. I no sooner have a big time game plan and then get shut out, for Friday (rescheduled to Monday) and I'll have to see what's up for tomorrow......but we're going anyhow.

I truly believe I have rescheduled more trips in March that I ever did in January & February.

I think we're on the 17 day with Easterly or N.E. winds, and tough fishing conditions.

"and people ask why I do not fish offshore any more", include me in a trust fund and I'll go right back to it any time. It's hard enough making a living fishing the river. I'm not a part-timer! This is what I do.

But, each month has it's challenges. And so, I procceed on.

This is just a weather FYI, incase your trapped in a cubical with no windows. (UHG)

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