Saturday, March 31, 2007

3/31 - Blustery, overcast, WHO CARES?

LOOK AT THOSE P-fish!!!!! of the special spring time treats, that I love catching on the Float-rig.

And so did Jeff & Carl....Carl's was 1st, and we were excited. Then, came Jeff's whopper Pomp and we were really excited, because it hit as I was dragging on the anchor and idling the boat forward against the anchor line.

They were 2.5 & 4.5 pounds.

We also had Speckled Trout, (of course) and all but one were good keeper size fish to 19".

Then a Sheepshead, a frisky 5 pounder. And way to many Bluefish. And let me just say..."where the hell did these Nantucket junk-fish come from?" This year they are like in plague proportions. I've been fighting them since January, and I'm about tired of it. I hate them....and they're green NOT blue!

So we sat in rough and tumble waters most of the morning to get our fish, then all of a sudden the bite fell off. So I went shallow, down river. We went to kayak country. Yakers all up in water where the birds wade....why? Fish need to swim yaker-man. So as we laughed and joked about the yaks fishing in 3 inches of water, we caught some pupper Redfish, and then came the one we were fishing for, Harry's 26 incher that fought real good. (in 3 feet of water...where the fish were)

The day was overcast, blustery winds shifting from easterly to the south. Waters disturbed, and rough, with swells in the river. But we didn't care. The fish were chewing. And I was surprised, seeing that yesterday it blew like hell.

Wanna see the whole days pics? Go to my Catch page 3 on my web site:

Next day up, Monday with just two anglers. I'm looking forward to it. The Weather Guessers say it'll be nice, I'll see, and if so I'll enjoy that.


I've notice A LOT of fishing guides who constantly fish-hard on their charters. They are always casting, and seem to be "just going fishing" and letting paying customers tag along. That isn't a charter, that's paying to fish while the guide fishes. That's tacky, and hack-like in my book.
And I guess at the end of the day the Guides fish are what his "charter caught" huh? I see something kinda wrong with that do you? If not. Stop reading any further or you'll get your feelings hurt.

I just want you to know, my people aboard catch all their own fish. They don't just reel in a fish after a guide hooks it for them, or watch the fishing guide reel in a fish. This seems to be a running trend with the flats boat/bay boat crowd on a trolling motor. I guess that's their excuse they're using. Personally, I see some guides never, I mean never bait a hook, or personally instruct an angler. I've done it all, had bay boats, small skiffs with trolling motors....)I hate them! Because they always break, when ya need them the most.) I was in the fore front of developing the jigging the jetty rocks with jigs and shrimp/fiddlers. I've done it all, and believe what I'm doing right now is a true and a honest days fishing.....for my customers. Where YOU always catch the fish, not me. And personal attention and instruction is something you get a lot of.

And I even read an article about a outdoor writer who did one of those "$400 a day take a Guide on a Fishing charter, type trips." And man was he telling it like he saw it. I'd love to find that article again and post it here.

-Just food for thought, that's all. I'm always watching and observing.

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