Monday, March 5, 2007

3/5 - Figure this.....

Had Nick out again today, and it sure was a beautiful day, although kinda chilly at times.
But I felt confident, because I was out yesterday alone in that gale of wind, and put a hurting on some nice Redfish, in just a matter of 2+ hours. Although Nick's trip is to figure out this thing called "Float fishing", that we always talk about between each other, there's nothing like doing a trip or two so to have one hundred percent of the teachers attention. And that kind of personal guidance goes along way.
But get this, out of at least 12+ Redfish, not a single one was big enough to keep. AND WE EVEN HIT THE SAME SPOT I FISHED YESTERDAY, AT THE EXACT SAME TIDE. If you could figure this one out and be able to prove what the deal was, you'd never need a charter, and I wouldn't have to take you.
And the Trout? A lot of 14-3/4 inch Trout too, with 10 keepers between 16 to 18". I'm was hoping to get some bigger ones. But then again me hit some pretty diverse places, rather than going to just big Trout areas.
And it sort of worked out for us with Sheepshead and Black Drum instead. Plus, Nick got himself a Capt. Dave Approved Float rigging outfit. A G. Loomis Rod, matched with a Abu Garcia 6500 Chrome Rocket reel. Functionality, in a gorgeous but serious float'n package.
Nick should be all set now. You can read about it, you can practice on your own, but a little coaching goes a long way, especially with good tackle.
We finished up at the Ship Yard spanking some Trout (mixed sizes) in the least place most people would (except for me) fish for them, and used every single shrimp in the live well.
Nick said, he would buy 2 dozen sometimes and come back with almost 2 dozen at the end of the day.....he's never used every single shrimp before, till fishing with me.
And today, we scrounged and even used the tiny little hiders in the well, and caught fish right down to the last little shrimp.
Commentary: (oh no not commentary!!)
-as I told Nick today. When that water temp. gets into the "solid" 60's, look for all hell to break loose. The fishing is pretty damn good right now, and has been. Evident is the posts on this daily blog page of mine. And as you may or may not know, I fish about every other day with passengers or I have zero reason to exaggerate. I don't have too. There's always tomorrow or the next day.
No one catches coolers full every single day...although some would make you believe they do. They're the ones that make me doubt every movement of their lips. But what's most important is having fun, sharing stories, and learning something new.
Damn, we had fun today and we even got sun burn too.
Rest of the pics from today are on my recent catch pages #1

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