Sunday, March 4, 2007

3/4-Blowing so hard there was seas in the creek

Just check out the seas in the creek I was fishing...(just a joke).
But my day started out, at 6am and as I let the dog out to the backyard, I could feel the wind. My back door faces Greenfield creek area, back behind Chico-pit. But I had no plans on fishing at all. I planned to go Monday. So I took a ride over to B&M bait and tackle (aka: the office) with a quick Coffee -Mocha-Java from the Zippy Mart accross the street from the shop.
And here comes the people or more like the weekend borg's...going no matter what because it was still the weekend. (I remember when I was in those shoes)
I was so bored yesterday, and I woke up bored as hell. So like the BORG, I told JB at B&M, get me 4 dozen shrimp preped, I'm going home to get the boat. I can't take this any longer I'm going stir crazy.....I gotta F-I-S-H! And in 15 minutes I was back at the bait shop and dumping my 48 count of shrimp into the livewell.
The tide was falling but still high enough. And the wind was sort of bareable. First spot, 19" Trout, and a small Redfish about 17". Next spot 3 small Trout. Remember when I say "spot", I mean next anchor location. Not a distant land from eachother. A move 50 yards, or 50 feet to me is a "next spot". Third spot, that area in the photo at the top of the page. The same place I see a lot of people park and chuck out baits, and then wait. But not this time, and not me.
First pitch into the current, 16" Trout....and then 4 Reds. Three were in a row. All "slot" fish in the 21-14" range. I WAS GONNA TAKE PHOTO'S BUT PEOPLE KEPT PASSING BY ME. And I do not show off fish when I'm catching them. So I never did any self potraits with my digital camera. (plus I was on the phone with a Blog reader at the time when I caught two of them.)
Fished two more spots and finished up my breif day. As the tide fellllower the wind got consistantly stronger. So I was out a whole 2.5 hours, and had enough to satisfy my primal urge to catch a few fish. And felt satisfied again. Remember, this addiction is a terrible desease to have to live with!
But that brings up a topic that many do not think about. TIDE & WIND. Do you realize that the river's tide and water movements carry an atmosphere along with it??
It does though. If you pay attention you will notice that on days like today when the sun is out and it's windy that as the tide falls the wind will get stronger. Many days when the tide changes you can feel the wind change direction. Because the incoming tide is cooler and makes the wind change direction. It's hard to explain, but believe it. The tide and the river's currents carry or change the atmosheric conditions many days enough to really feel/notice the effects.
Just and FYI kinda thing, incase you never noticed it. These are the kinds of things that you can just feel sometimes while out there, and the feel is sometimes good and sometimes bad.
Today it was real bad. As soon as that tide got real low (full moon low) I could tell, I had my fun, and it was time to just go home.
Finished up with about 6-8 Reds, and about 10-12 Trout, which 3 or 4 were good keepers. Just enough to have me wanting to go again tommarrow if the wind settles down.
Hey, lets go fishing. There's a few decent tide days left to choose from, in March and April is still about wide open. Everyone's dragging thier heels this spring I can tell.
Check my NEWS PAGE for details.
Breath the fresh air, and get some vitamin D in your system, along with some fresh fish.
It'll help that fishing desease!

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