Wednesday, March 7, 2007

3/7/07 - Another beautiful day.

Well I went out solo again, on another beautiful day. Can't wait for someone to actually want to go when it's nice instead of blowin or cold.
Don't get all excited......That's James manager of B&M bait and tackle holding the 5+ pound Striper he caught early this morning down in "XXX creek" between Mayport and Palm Valley.

He came by and wanted me to take a picture of it for him, so I did.
Like I said here we had three fantastically nice days in a row.....had a call for this week, but I guess they couldn't pony-up.
I don't think people go to all my web site pages, because I just answered yet another email about prices. I think it's pretty plain and simple if you look at it on "my inshore-coastal trip page". It's "all inclusive".....meaning I supply you the very best tackle, ice, coolers, licenses, fish cleaning (filleting, deboning, skinning), just show up dressed for the day and with a bag containing your lunch if you feel the need to eat one. (most do, and most over do it)

Today, wasn't at all what they (the weather guessers) were calling for though. Remember I said that the tide carries and atmosphere with it? Well, I wish you were there, because I was happily catching one Trout after another on the high tide over a shell bar, and as soon as the tide changed the wind came up and blew 15 knots from a dead still morning, just an hour earlier. And it stayed that way for quite a while. Which made things really tough. Because it started out as a SW and turned Easterly as the day wore on. Due East and due West 15kts or better is a real bitch in the river. And the tide seemed to take forever before it actually got low (when I catch my best fish).

Again, I guess it's my wickedly bad azz boat, but I get so many stares I wanna shout, "take a damn picture it'll last longer" so again today I took no photos, because I don't feel like showing ever knuckle head out there my fish, I just caught. It's not EZ doing a self taken photo, without killing the fish.
Plus, it was so nice that 1/2 of Jacksonville didn't go to work, they were out on the river like it was a Holiday weekend. The absolute most inconsiderate idiots were drawn to me with a magnetic force, for some reason. Blowing by in 4 feet of water right across where I was fishing at full plane....(mind you, this was up in a creek!!) I guess the inconsiderate's act that way because they obviously were let out of their cage on a weekday.
All I can say is they'd hate life if I did that to them. And I'm gonna start doing it too.

I'm gonna do onto others as they do on to me.

So do not email me, or come up to me and complain, because every other idiot with that got a new boat for Christmas, just ruined it for you and me. I'm gonna do as they do me, and that's completely ignore that fact that your fishing a spot.
Besides all that I had a bunch of Trout...small ones and keeper sizers up to 19" being the largest. I never caught a Red, or a Flounder or anything else all day. I did hook a Sheepshead but lost it, because it "crunched my hook closed" wonder. They're Sheep!
I was in severe economy mode and never fished any further away from the boat ramp than maybe 2-3 miles. But probably had 25 Trout and finished up catching them on a MirrOlure 52MR.

I did go east of the boat ramp once. And re-confirmed why I haven't fished the Jetties area in almost 2 months.......BLUEFISH everywhere! Like swarms of roaches, pecking and pecking the shrimp into pieces. This already isn't the same March "out there" as last year was.
By the 6th of March last year it was a free for all on BIG Trout at the inlet. (THE OTHER PHOTO ON TOP OF PAGE, is Glen Feigum's Trip photo's......Him and his son in law wore them out in just one spot for hours up to 5 pounds! That's thier stringer of 15 keepers out of 30+ caught at the Inlet.)

Next up is a Sunday charter, and as far as my book says, there will be NO CURRENT, and if we want any falling tide at all, we'll have to depart at 6:30 in the morning, and being Daylight savings time, it'll be plenty dark still at that time. Then the rest of the day is an incoming tide.

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