Thursday, March 8, 2007

3/8/07 The Weather Guessers

Looks like they had their
heads up their -----, again with the forecast.
Today is the "variable winds 5-10 knots" that I surely did not experience yesterday. Although that's what the Guessers said it would be.
More like 15kts west, than ESE!
Sure wish I went today rather than yesterday. The weather guessers can surely screw you over.
And another beautiful day, that we could have spent wackin' them......and if not at least having it EZ trying.
Bring a client, then you'll have a receipt that's tax deductible. I do receipts.
Monthly Charters:
6 or 12 months, once a month or more...perfect for companies. And with a payment in Full, you lock yourself into a discounted rate. And isn't that what every ones looking for, a good deal?
Weekly charters:
Reserve two trips in the same week and receive a $100 discount.
Single angler weekday charters:
Businessman's day off, or travelling and just stopping by J-ville for a day or two. Call for a special weekday single anglers rate.

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