Tuesday, April 10, 2007

4/10 - Let's make note of this!!

Let's make note, that my last report was on Thursday. WHY??? Because on Friday, I had to pick up and send in my taxes, then came the CRAP. Meaning the weather. Winds, coldness and just plain CRAP. Then of course Saturday came and went and the last thing I wanted to do is fish in the cold after fishing in 80 degrees last week. Then comes Easter Sunday, and of course Momma had a huge spread so I went over there and ate till I dropped. Then on Monday, I still couldn't muster the strength to fish in the cold, even though the wind was weak.
So, I went out today. And it too was the ULTIMATE in CRAP! Windy as all hell, cold and just plain Nasty!
So I'll certainly will be making note of a few things. First, I'll be making note that I went to probably one of the best BIG TROUT SPOTS in the whole lower St. Johns River, and never lost a bait. Last March & April this place was fired off so good that I kept telling a fellow fisherman of the same spot back in January, "Man I can't wait till March & April" . He was at that spot today himself with a friend and all they had was one big Red on and lost. He even said there hasn't been much Trout action either. "Good", I thought. Then, I haven't missed anything. Since I've waited to have a free day, and a particular tide, just to fish this spot for a month now. And it sucked.
I'll also make note that the Bluefish are of cataclysmic proportions in the river. I HATE THEM THINGS! Please lets net them all and send them back to Boston! Pictured above is a Spanish Mack I caught up (look close......Snagged in the tail) in Clapboard creek on a sand bar, in 2 feet of water. Along with 5 Blues, and two tiny 12" Trout.
I'll be making note that we're in the depths of spring and the weather today was heinous as hell.
Jacks, Spanish Macks, Pompano, all mark the calendar Spring Time in my book. But today the water temp on the surface was a chilly 64 degrees......last Wednesday on the beach I had 72 degrees in 3 feet of water. Today, I even saw Manatee #1 of 2007.....so is this just a joke? or is this BAZZARO WORLD?
I caught about 10 small Trout, and three Reds (1- 26" 2- 16") all day long. (plus too many Bluefish and Pinfish)
But can't seem to catch a single Pinfish or Pigfish in my fish trap I set out on oysterbeds for hours and hours today. I really want to Trout fish with something besides Shrimp. I really want small Croakers and Pigfish, but will settle for small Pinners too.
I'll make note that I also have a brand new G. Loomis 9' Pelagic series rod that's my new H.D. Float rigging rod and I've caught 2-Bluefish on it and have owned it over 2 weeks, so far. Yeah I'm really pissed off about that!
I really want a good weather day to call my own before Saturday's festival of boats called the SPOTS tournament!! That's one day that's another "joke" on the river. The tournament got too big for my blood. Too many boats, too many people all over the place. Just like ever single tournament in Jacksonville......all too BIG.
I have a tournament idea;
24 hour - Tough-Man Tournament. No more than 50-100 boats. Fishing 24 hours steady!
Every 6 hours "weigh-in", for total inches not pounds. After 24 hours of fishing, winners are the top 5 with total inches. Release or take fish.
I've made note that NO one is wanting to fish my Tough-Man Tournament idea. I've discussed it with many and they all laughed...because they ain't tough enough.
Ya;ll ought to see my Log Book. It has so many notations in it about weather. And after the last few days it really has some "notes" in it.
All was right on track, and now we have this weather.
The weather guessers said tomorrow was supposed to be 80 degrees and light winds. I'll make note, if they are actually correct or not. And I'll bet on, "NOT". Because if it is, I'll be at the jetties where I should have been today.
My number one note I'll be making in my Log Book? Look at me in those photos...It's APRIL not FEBRUARY! I've had better days in February though.

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