Thursday, April 5, 2007

4/5 - New weather, New challenges.......

Well, today certainly wasn't yesterday, by no means. Weather wise. Over cast, a tad breezy at times, cool, and I could just feel the change, in my bones. And so did the fish obviously. Because it was a rather tough day. Take a tough weather day with a huge weather change dropped upon us add in some kids who you want to really slay'em, and what do ya have?
A Captain wracking his brain and doing alot of anchoring and re-anchoring.
But it all worked out after all.
I had Jim Cunningham, a previous customer from years ago come on back for another go 'round. And this time he brought the "boys", Jimmy & Chris. Two well mannered, Jr. Anglers who I had a lot of fun with, and I think they had fun as well. As they learned a bunch too.
We started out at high tide working a shell bar up in a creek, catching some small Specks and a few Bluefish (Them chompers, are just everywhere aren't they?) So the boys could get acclimated to the tackle and technique of Float-rig fishing. But the supposed NORTH wind wasn't NORTH at all.......not according to my compass. It was EAST. The tide took what seemed like way too long to get low. Which was screwing me up, since I needed lower water when I went to my Redfish "go-to" spot for the boys to get one. But time was ticking by and as the tide slowly fell we weren't catching anything, or even getting any decent bites. Chris did pick up a Bluefish or two and a small Flounder, but it was deadly slow. So I picked up and tried a spot where it wasn't all that easy to just send the float out and reel it back. I said, "we're kicking this up a notch, fellas."
But we only got one bit shrimp on this next spot, where it's a level 9.5 out of 0-10 in difficulty, fishing the float-rig. Last March this same area was on fire for monster specks. And this year it's zilch. But I continue to try it, because one day it's gonna produce, again.
So off to the BIG water we went. With the tide falling, it was time to hit the jetties. First spot, ZERO.
Second spot........F-I-S-H!!!!
Finally, we picked up some keeper sized Trout. Then came a 4 pound Yellowmouth, and then a 4 pound Speck. It wasn't like the boys were in a fish riot, but at least the boys were getting bit.
No one was trying any less harder where ever we went, it was just the day. One with a radical weather change versus yesterday. This is what these fronts can do. And they really seem to affect the Trout fishing especially.
I'm absolutely spent. And will take the next few days to do some boat maintenance, a visit to my book keeper, and tackle cleaning.
It was a good run of trips this last 6 days. My clients caught everything from Big Trout, too Pompano, too Big Reds, Flounder, Black Drum, and Sheepshead. In the course of just 6 days I fished in perfect conditions, not so perfect conditions, to just good enough conditions.
Spring time is such a transitional time of year, it's unbelieveable how radically things can be from one day to another. Give it 2 hours or 12 hours, and nothing will be the same!
But after 11 years of fishing for a living and constantly reviewing what I like better, I still have to say my favorite time of year is October, November thru January. There's just something about that cool down portion of a N.E. Florida year that makes me really look forward to it.
Either way, this isn't our last "front" passing thru with a radical weather change......we're into the spring now, and even though I'm sometimes challenged because of it. We'll always CATCH us some fish, just ask the Cunningham Clan. Those smiling kids, makes me smile too.
The rest of thier recent catch photos are on catch page #1:

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