Sunday, April 22, 2007

4/22 - More winds,East or Noreast (BARK...BARK)

Went out today to just try out my new Shimano "Tekota" reels for my personal use. Couldn't afford 3 Shimano Calcutta's and really didn't need Calcutta's either....I'm just float rigging with them. No bottom fishing or anything else. They sure are silky smooth though.

Of course I had no plans. Didn't even leave out till about an hour before high tide, Mayport time. Went to the jetties and tried my best to take some photos for ya of the giant "comers" that were rolling in from offshore. Of course, a digital camera has it's benefits. But completely SUCK, when taking action photo's and trying to get the action timed perfectly. The inherent "lag" they have between pushing the button and when it actually captures the frame, isn't like my ole 35mm Canon reflex camera. (BARK!)

The North East winds were blowing again...and I swear this is the reason finding a good consistant Trout bite, is such a task. And especially finding a good bite today at the time I left was about futile! N.E. winds and an incoming tide means K.O.D. and I knew it. (K.O.D - means Kiss of Death)

I lost two shrimp to something small on the south jetty as I slopped around like a washing machine. So I left. (BARK!)

I went up into a creek area I have fished for over 20 years on and off. It was so full of knuckle-heads racing back and forth it was unbelievable! So I went to the same place I was on Friday with Dave from Pa. A hidey hole out of the wind and away from the geniuses that think racing into a creek is how ya catch 'em better. I caught at the wrong tide, 4 Flounder and 4 Trout. The flatties were all small "chippers", and one out of the 4 Trout was 17". The rest were a shade under 15". (BARK!)

Afterwards the tide started to fall but I had about all I could stand, so I headed home. (BARK!)

Yesterday, the report for tomorrow (Monday) was South winds. Now I watched the news and they said East winds....I'll have to double check that. But Monday I have the Campbell clan on board.

And at about this point, it seems like beating a dead horse when it comes to this weather pattern. Ahhhh, I can still remember the days when we used to actually be able to fish and catch lots of fish (Trout).
It was just during the beginning of April. Which seems like a year ago.....
Yep, incessant barking.

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