Monday, April 23, 2007

4/23 - Only on a falling tide?????

Thank goodness for a few hours of falling tide!
Had Dave Campbell and Mike and Austin out again. Dave and Mike have been with me several times before, but this was Austin's first dip into the saltwater fishery, since he's from IOWA??
Where's dat? I've heard of it before, though. Prior we always bottom fished so this was their first time doing the float-rig fishing.
Wow, was the rollers high this morning heading out to the tip of the jetties. Rollers, is all I can think of calling them, because we rolled up them and over them as we headed out to where I was putting all my nuts in one sack. Yes, I had no where else I could think of going that would produce some good bites on the last few hours of falling tide. Everywhere else has been so damn dead. Or just so damned hard to fish in the winds, day after day.
I was a tad pissed off that I had to go thru such nastiness just to get to where I wanted to fish in the first place, I'll admit that. And it was showing.
Can I please get a single day that life is easy.....or just easier?? I guess not.
The last dead calm day I had was back on April 4th with Jake and Jeff, and we fished the beach that day.......literally the beach behind the surf (if there was one) and left them biting
Alright, we made it to the spot, and I anchored up and it all felt WRONG! The boat lay, the way the floats went.......EVERYTHING!
So after a few minutes I re-grouped and made a slight adjustment. And we were on them.
Trout, and some Jacks, and one big Ladyfish. The fishing was consistent for a few hours and like a light switch all of a sudden went completely dead!
I again made some adjustments for the guys on their tackle...and that's when we had back to back Sheepshead, 5 & 6 pounds. I don't mind two of them, maybe even 3 of them. But I'm not like some of these Sheepherders. I certainly don't want to have to clean a whole bunch of them.
Then, as the tide completely died we ran up into a creek and had some more blues, a Ladyfish and some small Trout to finish up 10 dozen live shrimp.
By noon the wind was again howling inshore from the east...You'd think I was used to it by now, but I'm not and it made precision anchoring a problem.
Next up:
Wednesday's afternoon Group Charter with 3 boats (on an incoming tide) & Thursday's "solo" angler and me. Which is always a fun day, where I can throw in something different.
Where's that south wind?
Here's the rest of today's pics on my Catch Page 7 -

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