Wednesday, April 25, 2007

4/25 - Late 1/2 day with FMA group charter

Did a group charter today that I reserved, and had Capt's Mike & Bryan help me out. Twelve folks total on three boats starting at 1:00 pm till 5:00 pm.
Note the tides today:
LOW@ 10:34
HIGH@ 4:51
Not the greatest time to do a fishing trip. But what the heck, we were all just out there to have a good time. I knew it going into it, that it wasn't gonna be a rip roaring situation.
Everyone split up at the dock and got into the boats. I tried my best to get all the gal's on my boat. But ended up getting only Chris. The only gal who came dressed for the occasion.
She had her pink hat on with "Spinner-Blades" attached to it, and her pink accented, fly fishing vest with lots of faux "Flies" on the front, and embroidered butterflies on the back!
I don't know what else to say other than this was a real HOOT!
I can just imagine what Tred Barta would have done if he saw her walking down the dock, with all that Pink. (If you don't know who Tred Barta, is then Google him, if you do then you'll understand...I like and at the same time, dislike Tred, but he is still my kinda guy.)
One boat started off the day with a big Nurse Shark, then we had a double header of a small sand shark about 3 feet, and a Polish Flounder...aka: "Stingray". Then, I heard about small trout, ladyfish and Blues Mike had on up in a creek. But we hung near the jetties using live and cut Greenies I caught before the trip. That proved to not be doing much on the crappy tide so we Float fished and caught one potato chip size Flounder. Then Bryan had a bunch of eel's the size of your arm up by the coastie station.
Ya' know I guess he knows where the real "undesirables" live, now. And couldn't have guessed where to find giant eels if you asked him before today. Now that's FUNNY!
That's why tides are so important, overall.
The wind was of course blowing good and hard as we started the trip today, par for the course.
But, everyone seemed to really enjoy being there, no matter what they caught, or did not catch.
Here's the link to the "recent catch page" photo's of their day:
Tomorrow: I have one guy....and I have lots of live shrimp. And I hope to burn as many as we can. I really hope to find some decent Trout.
The Greenies, (Threadfin Herring) are out there at the jetties and have been for a while now. But now thick enough to catch, at least.
The Spanish Macks are getting larger. Saw some really nice ones a friend trolled up this morning.
The Reds were thick on the inside of the North jetty tip...if you're a trolling motor & jig tosser or just power drift.
LadyFish have invaded the Jetties. Bryan had a morning trip and had plenty of them today.

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