Wednesday, April 4, 2007

4/4 - Now today was, a "PERFECT" 80 degrees

Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Sheepshead, and Black Drum......AND WE LEFT THEM BITING!!!!!!!

Wow what a beautiful day. This is how it's supposed to be. No B.S., just three Amigos, shooting the bull telling stories, out catching some fish, and nice ones I might add. On a beautiful day, soaking up the sun, getting some great bites, a variety of species, not having to fight Momma Nature, 20 knot winds or crowds of people out to ruin your day with clients, with inconsideration.
Jake & Jeff had their trip planned for late March. But as you may know if you're a frequent reader of these pages, the end of March was heinous! Jake said, "I do not want to fish in the pick another day Dave and call me." So I picked today April 4th, for the soul reason Jeff was coming from Gainesville, and a 10:30am High Tide gave him some wiggle room, to get to Mayport. And avid Gulf Coast fisherman himself, Jeff hadn't ever went float rigging before. But then again it wasn't your average Float-rigging day. We never really did any long drifts, because the fish were all around us. Plus, we were in such shallow waters, that I could have just as well had on the ole Cajun Thunder clickin' corks. (have a I told ya'll how much I LOVE my new boat, lately??? If not let just say, It's the best boat I have ever fished on, EVER!)
And really lets face it. Some of the simplistic most relaxing fishing in saltwater is when all ya do is set the float a drifting, and watch that baby disappear......FISH ON! And anyone can do it. I think that it's obvious that this "blog" and my "recent catch pages" prove that!
There's not much else to tell other than Jake is wanting to learn more about the ways of the float, and I think he learned just enough to make him dangerous today, but he'll need some more reel time still.
We had 4 Sheepshead to 6 pounds, a 5 pound Flounder, a 4 pound Trout, and a 4 pound Black Drum, and a small 17" Redfish, too many Bluefish. And for Jake it was all he needed to fill up on some fresh fish fillets.
And again, I'll say it. WE LEFT THEM BITING!
Jeff and I both knew that. But there's hopefully more days like the one we had today still to come.
It was an awesome day, with great guys.
So....I think a Front is coming. The weather guessers are saying. I have a family affair tomorrow, 4 people, 2 are kids. And of course the weather report is for SCC - "small craft caution", winds 15 knots from the north, which actually means to us on the water 20 knots out of the North!
And of course I have a 4 passenger, instead of just maybe 2 people which makes life a lot easier when the weathers tough.
The rest of todays photos are on my recent catch page(s) #2

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