Monday, May 14, 2007

5/13 - Mothers Day 2007 and past momma days...revised.

It's really funny, most years (and this isn't one of them) I don't take my own Mother fishing on real Mothers day because I am usually taking someone else's Mom fishing.

(this report was revised for massive typos. I couldn't see! I just got back from the eye doctor this morning and had some eye problems. Now I can see better, so I fixed this report....go figure. Someday I'll afford Lasik surgery?)

I did have the entire Friday, Saturday, Sunday reserved....2-boats on Friday, and 3 boats each on Saturday and Sunday with corporate trips in for the TPC, but they cancelled the whole thing on us. So I lost about $1,400.00 just this weekend alone!

The weather was iffy.... we were supposed to get a bunch of rain. Maybe someone did................NOT in Mayport! But it sure was cloudy and the chance of some rain looked really good.

But it never happened.

So we went to breakfast in the morning, did a little creek fishing in the late morning.

Mistakenly, went to the jetties first. Catching 12"-15" Bluefish and Jacks......which Mom did'nt mind, but I did. So we left for happier hunting grounds.

*** Last Year I was so busy in May, I had to take Mom later in the month, and her & Dad caught 18 Flounder, a Redfish, Mangrove Snappers, and a Trout in 4 hours. (2006 - lots of Flounder! photo)

***I remember, when I took mom out two years ago to the jetties in 2005 on Mothers day and she had a ball catching a LOT, not only just bluefish. But Flounder, Reds, Trout, Yellowmouths, & Sheepshead & small Pompano!!!! (2005 - Mom & Dad - Red & Flounder etc. photo)

***I also remember a Mothers Day when we went out and drifted thru the Pogie Pods and caught MONSTER Redfish. The one in the photo had 150+ spots! (2002 - Big Reds in the Pogies around Mothers day, just off in the chum-hole. Mom with the spotty one in photo)

Pogie Pod Reds??? In May. Man that would be nice to see again.

We don't go every single year. But I know for a fact May is usually a landmark kind of Month. Things are are pretty damn exciting.

I know last weeks weather, in my mind just set us (me) back to April again! Stirring things up, messing up the salinity level in the river, and who knows what else, so far. But give it some time it'll all spring right back. I know I'll be tracking those Trout and hard!

***This year (Today) mom caught a bunch of small Trout & Reds in a creek, after being run out of the jetties, by Blues. (2007 - Mom holding Trout..and dad's - SIZE DOES MATTER, t- shirt as the "other fish" in the photo. Hahahahah..... I have to laugh or I'd cry.)
Wasn't sure if we were gonna get pumbled by big rains or not, the sky looked like we were. So I stayed close to the dock. Could have ran way up river and did some size-able Trout fishing. But of course Mom wanted to do just a brief day. She wasn't up to doing a full blown attack on the fish populations, because as she put it, "there's no sun out".

Mother's day. A landmark day during the year to me. Because, I always try to take Mom out for a nice day. But 90% of the time. I miss "actual" Mothers day. Because, I'm usually busy with customers.

Where is everyone??
Now as I revise this report, I have a charter with good customers on Tuesday.....the report is as follows:
"Small Craft Advisory in effect till Tuesday Night"
"NE winds 15-20 knots"

I still have the entire week of the Memorial Holiday, wide open!

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