Tuesday, May 15, 2007

5/15 - "SCA" - Today & my Plate Alloy Boat.

Had Don B. and his parents scheduled for today. But man was it windy.
The NWS called for Small Craft Advisory. And they were right, but I don't think it ever blew as hard as it was supposed too.
But I'm glad we re-grouped this morning and decided to venture out on Wednesday instead. Because the forecast is getting better all the time!
For once in my life, can ya believe that??
I had my dad and mom out the other day (report is down page). Mom knows zero about boats. But dad was with me when I ordered mine from Jay at Black Lab Marine, up in Maine. July of last year. He's a motor cycle head, and I'm a fish head. But at least he "gets it".
"Getting it", is part of why people buy Plate Alloy boats. And for Dad "Getting it", is why people like him ride BMW - GS Adventure models.

Finally we have common ground!

Just as a boat owner goes through many a boat till one finds a boat that really fits their needs for life. He's done the same thing with motorcycles. First it was a Kawasaki, then on too numerous Harley's, then on too many BMW's, and then now he found his niche. The German UNI-MOG, or here in the US it would be the original Military HUMMER, of Motorcycles. Go anywhere, street or off road. A Serious traveling bike, that can take the abuse.

And for me, it's my Plate Alloy Boat. I say Plate Alloy, because it's really not your average aluminum boat. At Blacklab Marine, they don't refer to the boats as aluminum. Because everyone thinks "Jon-Boat", rather than lets say....the St. Johns River Bar Pilot Boats! Which are built out of the same material. And they certainly are not your average "Aluminum Boat".

When I had dad on the boat on Sunday, I must have said, "Isn't this boat great?" about 10 times. Because I'm just so happy with it. And he doesn't fish with me all that much anymore.

(he's too busy riding that "UNI-MOG" motorcycle all over the country)
That's my dad in the photo....he just did an IRON BUTT ride from Jacksonville to Key West in less than 24 hours. The goal is 1000 miles in less than 24 hrs, actually. There he is standing at the monument in Key West which is the southern most part of the USA. He did it....1000 miles in less than 24 hrs! Next week, he heads to Alaska's Prudoe Bay. The northern most part of the USA.

The attributes of this hull are clear. If you're not trying to impress your neighbors with sleek "cad-cam" hull designs and the color of the drapes in your cabin. Because if you're worried about all that then a boat like this isn't for you.

It's taken me all these years to realize how much I loved my ole 14' 1971 Aluma-Craft. I beat it, banged it, beached it, and drove on top of oyster beds with it. And that's why I loved that ole boat. And back then is when they made them TUFF. I look at an Aluma-Craft now, and can't believe how cheaply made they are. With thin, low grade "aluminum".

My BLM is Marine Grade Alloy and without going into all the jargon, it's 1/4 inch think one piece plate on the bottom. The sides & floor are 3/16" and the transom is 1/2".

I run into tug boat wakes and don't hear any "creeking", and the simplicity and functionality is unbelievable. I know people talk about me as they see it at the boat ramp.
-I bet it's hot in that boat.......not really.

-I bet that boats noisy.......No, it's completely foam filled.

-I 'm sure that boat costs a fortune....go price any decent fiberglass boat. They cost the same.

-Who buys a Stainless steel boat?........ It's not stainless you dummy!

So far I've heard all the wacko comments, been chased down, had my time wasted by US Navy retiree's who are obvious metal boat experts in their own minds...and it doesn't change a damn thing.

Plate Alloy is a superior boat building material. Period. I have zero wasted space. And the 2-1/2" scuppers drain water off the deck (when I use my wash down pump) so fast it's a beautiful thing.
Remember the photo of Tiger Woods' big monster yacht I had in a post a few days ago?
I'd bet that yacht is Plate Alloy! But you can't tell.
My plate alloy boat floats differently than a fiberglass boat. It's not tippy, or stern heavy. I used to think my ole 23' MayCraft was a stable boat. Until I rode in a BLM boat. Here's just an example of the difference:
My 26 footer is capable of carrying twin 300 four-strokes (for commercial purposes), but I have a single 225 Honda.

Over-all weight capacity is 4600 POUNDS! Have 4600 lbs in most fiberglass 26 footers and your about to sink!
Even the best, go fast, $100,000.00 boats will take water all over the engine(s) while backing down or by big following waves. I have not seen a drop of water go over my Honda yet. And I back into huge rollers while holding someone in position while they cast a jig at the jetties. And manuverability in reverse is something that made me say S-O-L-D, while on a seatrail in a 23 footer with 5 people in it.

I have this LINK on my NEWS PAGE.....but I will bet no one ever looks at my NEWS PAGE, so here ya go, this is a "real good read".
If you want to read the facts by people who know them. The facts I know is that no matter what this business throws at me, I'm absolutely the happiest boat owner I know of. And couldn't ask for anything better.
Except, now I want a customized 19 footer with tiller steering, as a back country creek & shallows boat for me to go play in. I want a fleet of these boats! Just wish we had enough people to take in this town.

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